Protective Behaviours and the PBPeople Vision

The vision for PBPeople is that it will promote the Protective Behaviours (PB) far and wide, and enable those who have experienced PB process to network in an accessible and safe way. Different people come across Protective Behaviours in different ways and many go on to use it on a daily basis. Over the months and years bits may get forgotten or people may move away so that local networks that can remind people about the process are less effective. Trainers may also move on to other things, but remain passionate about the PB process. This website is an opportunity for the PB community to stay in touch, share ideas, ask questions and develop a network that highlights the range of PB projects and programmes that currently exist and perhaps even facilitate the development of new ones.


In early 2012 a small group of Protective Behaviours trainers met to discuss how they could effectively network with others across the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland with a view to promoting the PB process and principles. After sounding out a number of trainers already on their various personal networks, the decision was taken to initiate an online national directory of trainers with an open discussion forum to encourage and facilitate communication between people interested in PBs. To this end was developed and launched on 1st May 2012. In 2017 PBPeople became part of the initiative, and from Feb 2019 responsibility for the resource was assumed by the Protective Behaviours Association.