Current elected members of the Association's Council

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Helen Longstaff

I am a coach and trainer with 30 years’ experience in childcare and family support. I'm an endorsed Protective Behaviors trainer and have delivered the Foundation level course in schools and as an open access course for people from a variety of organisations. I worked in Children’s Centres in Hertfordshire for 12 years and developed a 6 week PBs programme for parents and carers, using the PBs process to support families with relationships and challenging family situations. I now work with teams and individuals on personal and professional development and use PBs in all of my work.
Lucy Holbrook
Vice President

Hello, I’m a BodyMind trainer, coach, therapist and a member of the Protective Behaviours Training Partnership. Focussing on supporting people to be at their best, Protective Behaviours is integral to my work, whether that is training, coaching or therapy. It is like a trusted friend – one that I have known for nearly 20 years now – who is consistent, reliable and has my best interests at heart. The friendship continues to deepen with the passage of time.
Ann Seal
Immediate Past President

Sally Ann Hart

I'm Sally Ann Hart and I'm the Secretary of the PBA having co-founded the Association – I was also one of the founders of PBPeople and the Protective Behaviours Training Partnership. I encountered PBs in 1998 while working for an inclusion service in Northamptonshire, just up the road from where Di Margetts settled in the UK. I was trained by Di from Foundation to Trainer and started to deliver training in 2003. As a result of the pandemic, I have taken my PB training online and love being able to reach a wider audience by-passing the 'Tyranny of Travel' and associated expenses :)
Fiona Fletcher

Rachel Bailey

Laura Stanion
Specialist Practitioner

Kate Pordage
Specialist Practitioner

I'm Kate Pordage, Trainee Trainer, and new member of the council. I live in Cornwall and work with schools to help build the resilience and emotional wellbeing of 10 – 16 years as part of a National Lottery funded programme.
I first came across PBs back in 2003 / 4 and am delighted to, finally, be preparing to become a trainer. I am particularly interested in PBs and resilience / trauma informed practice and work with YP to help them in their everyday mental health as well helping to equip them with tools and resources for the risks of child exploitation and 'County Lines'.
Jocelyn Rose
Elder/Retired Trainer

I'm Joc Rose and I'm currently the PBs Elder on the Council. I encountered PBs in 1991 (or 2 - can't quite remember) when I attended Di Margetts' presentation at Milton Keynes police station. On that occasion a lightbulb went on over my head which has never gone out since (must be an LED), and though I'm retired now and no longer professionally involved with PBs I still use the process all the time.
Claire Frogley

Lynette Hill-Park