To apply for membership, first review the categories below to identify which is most suited for you, then use our new online application form (please note that if you have already registered with this site for PBPeople, then instead log in and edit your profile where there is an option to register your application).

Applicants must be sponsored by two voting members of the Association, with the exception of Associate Membership which requires only one. Applications will be considered by the PBA Council.

Membership Categories

Membership is open to applicants on a personal basis within one of the following categories:


A TRAINER MEMBER is someone who has successfully completed either a Protective Behaviours UK (PBUK) Train the Trainer course before 2012 or a Protective Behaviours Training Partnership (PBTP) Train the Trainer pathway. In both cases TRAINER members must have delivered at least 2 Foundation Training courses in the first year of endorsement and continue to do so throughout their membership as a Trainer member of the Association. A Protective Behaviours Trainer trained via an alternative pathway, e.g. Protective Behaviours Consortium, Protective Behaviours Western Australia, could apply for Trainer membership of the Association and may be admitted following *successful observation of a 1 day delivery of the full Protective Behaviours process by an Executive Officer of the Association – see 4b.
Any costs associated with observation to be covered by the applicant.
(*This is to ensure all PBA Trainer members cover all the essential elements including Theme 2 version 3: ‘We can talk with someone about anything even if it feels awful or small’)


A TRAINEE TRAINER MEMBER is someone who has completed 2 day Foundation Training in Protective Behaviours, 4 day Specialist Practitioner (Process into Practice) Protective Behaviours Training and started their journey to becoming a Protective Behaviours Trainer by observing an existing Trainer Member leading a 2 day Protective Behaviours Foundation training course.


A PB ELDER MEMBER is someone invited by the Executive Officers of the Association who has extensive experience as a Protective Behaviours Trainer, contributes to the Protective Behaviours community and continues to role-model the Protective Behaviours process, e.g. consulting with members, offering guidance and sharing experience.


A RETIRED TRAINER MEMBER is someone who has previously trained Protective Behaviours.


A SPECIALIST PRACTITIONER MEMBER is someone who has completed both 2 day Foundation training in Protective Behaviours and 4 day Specialist Practitioner (Process into Practice) training and continues to use Protective Behaviours in their professional practice.


An ASSOCIATE MEMBER is someone who has completed at least one day Introductory training in Protective Behaviours and uses the Protective Behaviours Process. Applications for Associate membership need only include the name of one sponsor - this would typically be the person who delivered their training.


HONORARY MEMBERSHIP may be offered to individuals or other Associations, Societies or Bodies, who in the opinion of the Council, are consistent with the Objects of the Association or have provided particular service to the development of Protective Behaviours and the Association.

*members eligible to vote