The Acrostic poem below was created during a Specialist Practitioner training course by a group in response to being asked to explain the PB strategies to an alien!

Persistence is a Strategy

Remember never give up until you feel Safe

Or your Early Warning Signs go away.

Think about using your Personal Network & Borrow someone if still feeling unsafe!

Excitement is different for Everyone

Challenge yourself to take Risks on Purpose

Try to respect other’s Choices

If we listen to Early Warning Signs, it will preserve us.

View Networks – are they up to date?

Emergency Networks are there to use

Borrowed Networks can work when needed

Everyone has the right to choose.

Having an extra person to look through

Actually helps us to see.

Very obvious difficulties –

It doesn’t matter what they might be.

Once the 2 Themes are Reinforced

Use them to embed

Rights and Responsibilities

Sometimes not clear in our head.

On occasion when we might feel at Risk

Removing ourselves is an option we can use.

Protective Interruptions can be made

Because feeling Safe is the thing to Choose J