Directory of Protective Behaviours Trainers

Terri Fletcher

Types of Training: Introductory workshops, 2 day courses, PBs for specific practice issues, e.g. having confidence in our parenting

Specialist Areas: Protective Behaviours and safeguarding

Regions Covered: Brighton and Hove and South East

 I have been using Protective Behaviours since 1995, when I was a student setting up an abuse prevention project in Brighton. At the time the project I was working on, First Stop, was looking for a programme that would be a useful abuse prevention tool that could be used to talk to parents, children and professionals about keeping safe in a non-threatening way. I was working on an estate in Brighton at the time and used Protective Behaviours to develop work in schools and with local parents and workers. I was also at this time introduced to the force of nature that is Di Margetts who inspired me to get further involved in Protective Behaviours training and worked with her and some local interested PB practitioners to undertake my train the trainer course. I then co-trained with a local accredited trainer, Sandy Gee for over a year, before she joined the team.

Over the years my organisation, now called Safety Net, has worked with a wide range of community, voluntary and statutory organisations to promote Protective Behaviours as a key methodology for improving children and young people’s safety and well-being. Our current work includes working with children’s social workers, health visitors and early years’ visitors to look at how they can incorporate Protective Behaviours into their work with children and families. Safety Net has also produced a range of PB based resources, including an annual calendar that is distributed to families.

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