The story below was written by a small group of people as part of a day 2 Foundation Protective Behaviours training activity. The group were given 10 'feelings' words and a variety of fiddle toys including a wooden snake, crocodile, shaker and Zippy to build their story round. They were also encouraged to include the Protective Behaviours process and edit in line with the Language of Safety.

Thank you Emily, Kama, John and Tara for letting us share your work :)

Zippy's Network

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Zippy who had a zip on his mouth. Zippy felt he couldn’t talk with a zip on his mouth as it was always zipped shut.

Zippy felt scared and worried about Snake. Snake went to his school so Zippy saw him every day. Snake called Zippy names. Zippy felt anxious and his palms became sweaty. Zippy wondered who he could talk with? Along came George. Zippy told George that he felt sick and distraught about Snake. He told George,

“I do not feel safe.”

By talking with George his zip gradually opened. Instead of feeling subdued he felt shivery with relief.

George talked with Zippy about who else he could talk with and Zippy thought of Crocodile, Teddy, Squidge, Shaker and Octopus. And, if he got really stuck he could call 999.

Zippy now felt happy and hopeful because he would always be able to talk with someone :)

Zippys Story


How many 'feelings' words were you aware of?