Protective Behaviours and the PBPeople Vision

My name is Sally Ann Hart and I started my Protective Behaviours journey in 1998 while working for Northamptonshire County Council as a specialist teacher for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties (this is where I met Simon Sneath).

At the start of this adventure, I had the great fortune to be trained by Di Margetts and I went on to receive more training and input from Di at both Intermediate Level, during course observations and co-training events.

This meant that, in June 2003, I felt safe and experienced enough to be observed and assessed by an experienced PB trainer with a view to becoming endorsed.

I have since gone on to gain endorsement to train 4 day Specialist Practitioner PB courses and in 2011 also co-trained with Simon Sneath on a PBUK Train the Trainers course. I now offer all training and mentoring via the Protective Behaviours Training Partnership having chosen, in 2011, to end my relationship with PBUK.

Looking back I realise that the reason I could connect with PBs was that I didn't feel safe doing the work I was doing and it would appear that a lot of the young people I was asked to work with and the adults around them had similar feelings.  The PB Process offers me a robust and consistent framework for understanding how and why people feel, think and behave the way they do.  This helps me to develop my practice so people can find ways to feel safe enough to work together, learn from each other and ultimately feel better about themselves.

The creation of this website for me stems from a desire to continue to share the PB message with as many new people as possible as well as maintaining links with those who have already started their journey and those I may have lost touch with.  In the current economic climate funding opportunities for training have become fewer so my hope is that will help people to share ideas and answer questions with a view to overcoming barriers especially those linked to financial constraints or geographical location.