Protective Behaviours and the PBPeople Vision

Simon Sneath

My name is Simon Sneath and I trained Protective Behaviours Foundation courses from my accreditation as a Protective Behaviours (UK) trainer in 2001 and Intermediate courses in 2007, until my retirement in 2015.

During this time I had the privilege to co-train with Di Margetts, Ann Seal, Sally Ann Hart, Penny Bassett,

Fiona Benjamin and John Fardon.

I was first introduced to the Protective Behaviours process in 1997 when Di Margetts trained me in PBs. As a specialist teacher and practitioner I use PBs with children and young people as a down to earth approach to personal safety, to nurture emotional well-being and help promote positive mental health.

My motivation to become a PB Trainer was to effect positive change within organisations and schools. I believe PBs can achieve this by increasing the awareness and understanding of safety as a prerequisite for any aspect of learning, as well as developing a sense of belonging and self-worth.

Throughout the past fifteen years I have been privileged to learn from other PB people of all ages and abilities. My understanding of the Process continues to develop through meeting and working with so many remarkable individuals and groups.

For me this website has the potential to sustain and develop PB networks and I am confident it will widen access to a wealth of creative and effective PB practice. I would like to see PBs available to all and believe the PB People website will contribute significantly to this vision.