The PBPeople team is keen to explore all media for the promotion of Protective Behaviours. After a successful trial using Twitter we have given our integrated "Timeline" a more prominent place on the front page of our site, as we see this as an efficient and safe means of communicating the latest news, thoughts and ideas related to PBs as well as facilitating open interaction with those who may be interested.

Whilst acknowledging that Facebook is an enormously popular and powerful tool, we believe that it does have its downsides and currently does not feel to us a suitably safe place to promote PBPeople. Consequently, in recognition of our own collective early-warning signs, we have elected not to employ Facebook ourselves and also will not be intentionally linking to any content (in Forum posts, re-tweeting others' links to their own Facebook pages, etc.). We would encourage anyone thinking of communicating with the PB community in this way to consider using the PBPeople Forum instead, as it is a moderated environment free of intrusive and unsolicited advertising and one which, over time, builds as a permanent indexed knowledge base - this means that discussion topics will appear in web search results thus representing a genuine ever-expanding resource for everyone.