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14 May 2015 23:43 #1 by judith
Cheerleader was created by judith
.....There's a label!

The youngest person in our house came to me today having heard a current pop song on the radio for the trillionth time. She asked "Mummy, does he feel like he's turned into one or is he just showing off?" To add some shared meaning, the song is "Cheerleader" and the lyrics include "...I found myself a cheerleader.....she is always right there where I need her....."

The child was able to clarify that she was asking whether the singer had found he'd become/morphed into a cheerleader, or was merely bragging at having 'acquired' one. I confirmed that I thought the latter was probably nearer the truth in terms of the lyrics of the song.

Wider questions can be asked about children's understanding and lack of shared meaning, as well as messages communicated to them so young. I think all this is another key reason that I feel so strongly about the Voice of the Child and how much adults can learn about the space children inhabit in the world when we enable and take time to hear the child's voice.

Wonder what other songs she and her peers have heard and how the lyrics are shaping their views of life on earth and the expectations/Unwritten Rules which surround it?.....

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16 May 2015 18:51 #2 by Ann
Replied by Ann on topic Cheerleader
I know I have had conversations with teachers in primary schools who have said they veto certain songs at the school disco, gangnam style was one. The children pleaded to have it on the playlist at a particular school I was visiting, but the teacher in question said the 'sexy lady' lyrics and accompanying 'movements' were not appropriate so it was a 'no'. It's true, who knows what they are taking in. I am someone who catches onto the tune much more than the lyrics so dread to think how much I missed that may have been unhelpful or undesirable playing on the radio when my children were smaller. They were certainly quick to notice we had a version of a song on a CD that wasn't the 'radio' version!! Maybe I am getting old and fuddy but the inclusion of some language, particularly the 'f' word really doesn't enhance any song to my mind and if they can make a 'radio' version that makes sense why not just leave it at that?

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04 Jun 2015 14:53 #3 by Melanie P
Replied by Melanie P on topic Cheerleader
I agree Ann, I find it really interesting how something that was once considered an exception has now become comman place. This seems to be happening in language, clothing, food and behaviour - in my opinion!
I can hear some unwritten rules in my head as I think about this -
language that was thought of as for adults and not used in company, now appears to be comman place
Clothes that were thought of as OK for adults are now seen regularly on children
foods that were a treat full of sugar etc are now consumed as part of our normal diet.

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