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Unwritten Rules - boys and emotions

30 Oct 2015 16:37 #1 by Ann
Hi everyone!

I thought this article and the other publicity surrounding the interview with Professor Green (in which he speaks about his father's suicide) serves well to remind us all that persisting with emotional literacy and validity work with all children from a very young age is so vitally important in underpinning safe emotional development for life.

It also reminds me why it is so important that the sexist and unhelpful language which undermines boys being able to express their emotions freely (or to own them for themselves without shame and fear)needs to be challenged consistently and is not just seen as political correctness gone mad.


I have copied the text and pictures from the above link into a pdf
document with source credited in case it is easier to read that way (or the link gets taken down)


#languageofsafety #unwrittenrules

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31 Oct 2015 20:25 - 31 Oct 2015 21:20 #2 by Sally Ann
Replied by Sally Ann on topic Unwritten Rules - boys and emotions
Thanks so much Ann for adding this post - amazing how times perhaps have not changed!

I was invited to speak at the Moira Anderson Foundation ‘Not On Our Watch’ Conference which was held in Edinburgh last week and feel pleased to say that the men that spoke their had found a way to share how they felt about some pretty ‘awful’ stuff. However I’m also aware that people are more likely to see images like the one below that appear to some to represent ‘manly strength’. I certainly know the image I prefer and would like to thank Dr Matthew McVarish , Mike Stevenson and A.C.C. Police Scotland Malcolm Graham for demonstrating the importance of listening to feelings regardless of gender.

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