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23 Aug 2016 09:33 - 11 Oct 2016 21:03 #1 by Sally Ann
Feelings A-Z was created by Sally Ann
During training I invite people to have a go at coming up with their own alphabet of feelings words with a view to extending their emotional vocabulary and model more than the ‘mad, sad, bad, glad’ feelings with the people with whom they live and work.
I do this by setting a challenge of identifying at least one physical and one emotional feeling for each letter of the alphabet. Over the years I have had some great lists generated so here are some of my personal favourites, (still struggling to come up with a physical feeling for X and apply ‘poetic license' for an emotional one).
Physical - Emotional
Aching - Apprehensive
Bilious - Bashful
Cool - Contented
Drowsy - Downhearted
Energetic - Euphoric
Fatigued - Fretful
Giddy - Glum
Hesitant - Humble
Itchy - Irritable
Jumpy - Jubilant
Knackered - Keen
Lethargic - Loved
Merry - Morose
Nervy - Nostalgic
Old - Outraged
Prickly - Proud
Quiet - Quarrelsome
Relaxed - Relieved
Sweaty - Suspicious
Trembling - Timid
Vulnerable - Vexed
Wobbly - Wistful
?????? - X-static (!)
Yucky - Yearning
Zippy - Zealous

This activity also provides an opportunity to focus on how people physically feel before deciding on an emotional response and also how Protective Behaviours encourages people to not see feelings as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative.
So, I invite you to take up the challenge to identify and use more ‘F’ Words, (and perhaps even add to this list?)
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11 Oct 2016 21:05 #2 by Ann
Replied by Ann on topic Feelings A-Z
It is a good activity and very challenging in my experience. Initially it can be difficult for people to find physical feelings.

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